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CommView 3.3

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CommView 3.3 is now available. This fixes an issue that some USB to serial adapters might show up as COM0 and not function.

CommView 3.2

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CommView 3.2 is now available. A “Tools” menu is added. Select “Tools” and “ASCII chart” to show an ASCII chart. Any character clicked in the… Read More »CommView 3.2

CommView 3.1

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CommView 3.1 is now available. The port selection list is updated to include the description for each COM port such as: “Acme USB-to-Serial device”. This… Read More »CommView 3.1

CommView 3.0.8

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The CommView download is now an installer instead of a zip file. The installer installs the CommView executable and the documentation file and creates Shortcuts for the start menu and… Read More »CommView 3.0.8

CommView merge window

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Added Color setting dialog and merge window. Added timing dialog to show time lapse info such as: sentdata<timelapse>rcvdata<timelapse>sentdata …