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CommView 3.2 (Windows XP/8.0/8.1/10/11)

Key Benefits

  • Supports simultaneous terminal windows. Provides multi-threaded communications for high performance. The number of terminal windows is limited only by available resources.
  • Monitor mode displays received character codes, for example, carriage return = [CR] .
  • Hex mode shows hexadecimal values of received characters.
  • Status of handshake lines are shown in real-time on all ports.
  • Device communications profiles may be named and saved. Programmable function keys allow easy interaction with various devices: bar-code readers, ASCII terminals, etc.
  • Intercept cable can be built to allow monitoring both receive and transmit channels of the communications flow between two devices simultaneously.
  • Data received from any port window may be captured to a file.
  • CommView executable file may be copied to a flash drive or network drive to run on other computers without installation.
  • Tools Menu provides ASCII chart and data converter to convert between floating point values and IEEE-754, and decimal/hexadecimal values.
Try the shareware version of CommView 3.2

$20.00 US