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CommView 3.2 (Windows XP/8.0/8.1/10) ...


Key Benefits

bulletSupports simultaneous terminal windows. Provides multi-threaded communications for high performance. The number of terminal windows is limited only by available resources.
bulletMonitor mode displays received character codes, for example, carriage return = [CR] .
bulletHex mode shows hexadecimal values of received characters.
bulletStatus of handshake lines are shown in real-time on all ports.
bulletDevice communications profiles may be named and saved. Programmable function keys allow easy interaction with various devices: bar-code readers, ASCII terminals, etc.
bulletIntercept cable can be built to allow monitoring both receive and transmit channels of the communications flow between two devices simultaneously.
bulletData received from any port window may be captured to a file.
bulletCommView executable file may be copied to a flash drive or network drive to run on other computers without installation.
bulletTools Menu provides ASCII chart and data converter to convert between floating point values and IEEE-754, and decimal/hexadecimal values.

Try the shareware version of CommView 3.2

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