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Gift Exchange for iOS (Featured Product)

Gift Exchange Mobile for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is available in the App Store


Gift Exchange 3.0 for Windows PC(XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) ...


bulletStop drawing names out of a hat for your Christmas or other occasion gift exchanges.
bulletParticipants do not have to be together to conduct the drawing. Result can be automatically emailed to each participant. This provides privacy; the operator of the program does not see the name drawn for each person. Emails may be sent using Outlook or directly using a POP/SMTP mail server. SSL (secure sockets layer) connections are supported to allow sending notifications using Gmail.
bulletParticipants in the drawing may be chosen from the Outlook/Outlook Express address book. You may change the email address for participants in Outlook. You will not have to update the email addresses in Gift Exchange each time you perform a drawing. (Outlook is not required. The email addresses may be manually entered).
bulletPeople tree allows exclusions of spouses or group members from drawing a name in the same group.
bulletMemory of previous drawing prevents people from drawing the same name as the previous drawing.
bullet Each participant may be designated as "Gives and receives a gift in shared exchange", "Gives and receives in shared exchange, also may give to receive only participant(s)", "Does not receive gift, may give to receive only participant(s)", or "Does not give gift, receive only. For example, child".
bulletThe result can be printed for each participant without email, or who want a printed copy immediately.
bullet Summary display shows the name drawn and gift given for each person for previous drawings.
bulletYour exchange information is maintained on your own computer so it is private. This is not a web service; there is no advertising or spyware. Various exchange files may be created and saved. For example, an exchange file can be used for your direct family. A separate file may be used for an exchange for your spouse’s family.
bulletLogging feature shows history of various activities and results such as emails sent successfully.
bulletOptional HTML links may be included in emails to send gift suggestions for any participants to the exchange organizer. The organizer may add any suggestions received to the list and send out emails again including the suggestions.


Try Now (Download is fully functional except for limitation of five participants):

Right-click the link below and select "Save As..." to download the file to your local hard disk. Double-click the file to launch the installer.

GiftEx30.msi (Version 3.00.2 - 8.4M Windows Installer -   Double-click the file to perform the installation.)

GiftEx26.doc (500K User Guide)

Register the software for full access $10.00 U.S.  

No Shipping or Handling charges. Registration number will be emailed to you (usually the same day). Simply type in the registration to allow for any number of participants. Registered users may download upgrades for no charge and use existing registration.

To upgrade from a previous version uninstall it using the "Control Panel" "Add/Remove programs". Your Gift Exchange data files will not be removed. Install the new version. In some cases you may have to re-enter your registration information. When opening a previous version Gift Exchange data file you will be prompted to upgrade it automatically.  


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