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KBSIM Repetitive Keyboard Input Simulation TSR 1.1 (DOS) ...

Key Benefits

bulletVery useful for automated hardware and software testing. Once the KBSIM TSR is configured and started, you may let it run your hardware and software through the paces of thousands of transactions.
bulletBetween keypress pacing so the data input to the system being tested is virtually identical to human data input.
bulletTSR may be loaded into upper memory to minimize the memory impact on system being tested.
bulletHot-Key allows keyboard simulation to be halted and resumed without exiting program being tested.
bulletControl file allows ASCII keys and special keys such as function keys to be specified for test outputs.
bulletRandom sequencing insures that the system being tested will be taken through many possible conditions.
bulletRandom time interval specification between sequences is useful for testing multiple stations in a network environment. This insures the stations will not remain synchronized with each other to provide more thorough testing.

Try the shareware version of KBSIM11

CLOCKBEL Clock Time Bell Output TSR (DOS) ...

Key Benefits

bulletMay be run simultaneously on a computer running software for time management or other tasks.
bulletOutput from serial port DTR handshake line may be used to drive a relay for an oscillator attached to your company intercom system.
bulletSchedule can be specified to provide various bell sounds. For example, you could specify a long bell for start of shift one at 7:00 a.m., two short bells for a break at 9:00 a.m., etc....
bulletEvents may be specified to occur on particular days of the week. For example, an earlier than normal clean up bell could be specified for Friday to request workers spend more clean up time on Friday before leaving.

pcAnywhere 8.0 Logoff Program (Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0) ...

Key Benefits

bulletMay be run from a batch file to automatically end a pcAnywhere 8.0 session.

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