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Gift Exchange Lite 1.1.3

Gift Exchange Lite 1.1.3 is now on the App Store.

The Lite version had not been updated in a long time. This brings in many improvements from the full version Gift Exchange Mobile.

Added dark mode support. Improved various display messages. Added a prompt before sending or printing notifications that the iOS send or print screens will be visible, and the lower part of the screen may be covered to keep from seeing the names as they are sent.

Added iOS 13 context menus to simplify operation. Touch and hold an exchange name to show a context menu to rename the exchange or share the exchange. When the exchange participant list is showing touch and hold a participant name to send or print a notification for that person.

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2 thoughts on “Gift Exchange Lite 1.1.3”

  1. I paid for additional names. I am experiencing challenges with the app. I entered 12 names and only 9 people got their gift name. I received an error that one email was incorrect and apparently she did not get hers nor the other 2 people after her name . What do I do? They stated it’s not on their spam or junk folder . Please respond ASAP or I would like a refund !

    1. Yvette, thank you for your comment. When you say you received an error that the email was incorrect was that a popup message, or did you receive an email back in your inbox? Please double check the email addresses for the three participants that did not get their notices. Try sending again to those three individually. You can select each of the three and then click the action button to send the notification. If you still have trouble you may go to options and change the send method to “native”. Then try sending again for each of those three persons. You may cover the top part of the screen with your hand to not see the names drawn when sending natively.

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