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Gift Exchange Mobile 1.1.0

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.1.0 is now on the App Store. Updated email components. Fixed problem that gmail no longer accepts previous method of authentication using embedded web page. gmail authentication is now performed by transferring authentication to Safari, and when completed returns to Gift Exchange to perform sending.

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.8

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.8 is now on the App Store. Added manual entry mode to allow exchange history to be entered manually. Improved so that if a new exchange file is created with same name as an existing file the name will be modified instead of overwriting the existing file.

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.7

Added sharing option to allow summary view to be e-mailed or printed. Fixed problem that a participant could be added with a blank name and cause error when attempting to draw names.

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.6

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.6 is now on the app store. Fixed some display labels. Improved selection list operations for iPad. Added Canadian cellular providers to list of e-mail to text gateways.

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.5

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.5 is now on the app store. Improved labels and progress displays to make operation easier and more fun. Fixed crash that may happen when deleting groups. Updated SMTP send method to use the latest MailCore2 library. SMTP (using your own mail provider) is now the preferred send method because some providers […]

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.4

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.0.4 is now on the app store. Fixed problem that gift suggestion changes may not be saved in some cases. Added validation and ability to re-draw only part of exchange if people are added or removed after drawing names. Added SMTP send method.

Gift Exchange Lite 1.0.3

Gift Exchange Lite 1.0.3 is now in the App Store. This corrects a bug that any participants selected from the device contacts may not work quite right when notifications are sent. The “To” email address was not being filled in automatically. The reason for this is that participants selected from contacts will have an additional prefix […]