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Quick Quiz 1.2.1

Quick Quiz 1.2.1 is now on the App Store. This is recompiled with Xcode 11.2.1 GM Seed. This fixes the problem with the previous Xcode version compiled code would crash when showing text views on iOS prior to version 13.2.

Quick Quiz iOS compatibility

Due to an Xcode bug the latest Quick Quiz Mobile app may crash when attempting to create or edit a quiz on iOS 13.1 or earlier. An update will be released soon to correct this.

Quick Quiz 1.2

Quick Quiz 1.2 is now on the App Store. This fixes a problem that in some cases the in-app-purchase would not complete.

Quick Quiz 1.1 now on the App Store

Quiz Quiz 1.1 is now on the App Store. It is updated for iOS 13. A new feature allows quizzes to be made with images for answers. An example quiz is available for download “Music” category “Bass Clef Notes”. Quick Quiz also now supports dark mode. For graphic images that are symbols such as the […]

Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS

Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS is now on the App Store. Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improving it please post a comment below or send an e-mail to: Also you may e-mail any quizzes to me that you make and would like to contribute to the shared download area. If the quizzes […]