Gift Exchange Lite Instructions

Exchange list view

When the app is first started it will show a list of any already created gift exchanges. Select an exchange or tap iOS_add_button to add an exchange. A pop up will appear to type the exchange name. Type a name such as “Jones Christmas”. It is best to not put the year in the name. The app will automatically create an occurrence name such as “2014 Jones Christmas”.

People list view

Tap iOS_add_button to add people (Gift Exchange Lite supports up to seven people):

Add person from contacts – Select a person from the contact list. Tap the email address to use for notifications.

Add person manually – Type the name and e-mail address.

Tap the action button iOS_action_button for tasks:

Draw Names – Make sure all names are entered and if any grouping is desired make sure each person is in the correct group before drawing names.

Send Notifications – Send e-mail or text notifications to all participants

Set Exchange Complete – After gifts have been exchanged select this to designate the currrent occurence of the exchange as complete. The names of who each person had to give a gift to will then be visible in the summary vieew.

Copy for next exchange – This option will be available after the current occurence is set as complete. Select this to prepare for another occurence of the exchange based on the same group of people. Select “Options” if desired to change the name of the occurence or other options. People may be added or removed before performing the drawing.

Person view

To make this person a member of a group tap “Group” and select a group or tap iOS_add_button to add a new group. The person cannot draw a name of someone in the same group. Select “Not grouped” for no group limitation.

Make sure an appropriate name is entered.

Make sure the correct e-mail address is entered.

Select “Notify By” “E-mail” or “Print”. Printing requires an AirPrint printer or PC software such as FingerPrint.

The “Type” of participation may be selected. A “Give and receive” person participates in the shared exchange. A “Give and rcv, gives to rcv only” person participates in shared exchange, and may also give to receive only participants. A “Gives to rcv only” person is not in the shared exchange, but may give to receive only participants. A “Receive only” person receives a gift but does not give a gift. An “Inactive” person does not participate in this occurrence.

“Gift To” will show the name drawn for this person if the exchange is set as completed.

When the exchange is complete the gift “Received” may be typed in. This will show in the summary history view and the next occurence e-mails if the option is enabled.

Tap the action button (square with arrow pointing through it) to send a notification to the selected person. The drawing must have already been performed.

Options view

You may change the ‘Name for this occurrence” if desired. This will be the subject line for e-mail notifications.

Select the type of exchange “Secret” or “Non-secret” (Non-secret everyone can see the names drawn).

The “Limit drawing the same name” may be selected “No limitation”, “Previous exchange” so that people will not draw the same name as the previous occurrence, or “Previous two exchanges” so that people will not draw the same name as the previous two occurrences

The “Status” of the current occurrence will be shown. “Not Yet Drawn”, “Names Drawn”, or “Exchange Complete”. It is not recommended to change this. However, if you set an exchange complete and want to send notifications again you may change it back to “Names Drawn”.

The “Include previous results in messages” may be enabled to include table of the previous occurrences and names drawn in the e-mail notifications.

The “Include reply links for gift suggestions” may be enabled to include a table of participants and gift suggestions in e-mail notifications. Links are included to e-mail gift suggestions back to the exchange organizer.  Links will sometimes increase the chance of  e-mails going to the recipients’ spam folders.

Tap the action button iOS_action_button to share the currently selected Gift Exchange file. Tap the “Mail” icon. The iOS send e-mail screen will appear with the <exchange name>.gx file attached. The file can be opened in the current PC version of Gift Exchange.

If you have any questions or problems you may take a look at frequently asked questions.