CommView 3.2.2

CommView 3.2.2 is now available. This updates the TCP/IP server views to show all IP addresses in header, instead of just the first found IP of the host. A button “Connections: x” is added that shows the number of clients currently connected to the server. When the button is clicked a log view window will appear showing client connections, disconnections, socket numbers, IP addresses and from ports.

The installer is updated to fix an issue that the desktop icon may just show as a white square.

CommView 3.2

CommView 3.2 is now available. A “Tools” menu is added. Select “Tools” and “ASCII chart” to show an ASCII chart. Any character clicked in the chart will be sent from the currently selected CommView window, or if the function key dialog is present will be added to the function key data.

The “Tools”, “Data Converter” window allows conversion between floating point values, IEEE-754, and hexadecimal/decimal.

Function key automatically calculated check codes may be enabled, LRC, SUM, CRC-16, and CRC-32.

CommView 3.1

CommView 3.1 is now available. The port selection list is updated to include the description for each COM port such as: “Acme USB-to-Serial device”. This will be helpful to know which port is the desired port to connect. The port lists will now automatically update if a USB serial adapter is plugged in or removed.

Text mode display is improved to fix an issue with the line wrap not showing correctly. Backspace is also improved.

Gift Exchange Lite 1.1.3

Gift Exchange Lite 1.1.3 is now on the App Store.

The Lite version had not been updated in a long time. This brings in many improvements from the full version Gift Exchange Mobile.

Added dark mode support. Improved various display messages. Added a prompt before sending or printing notifications that the iOS send or print screens will be visible, and the lower part of the screen may be covered to keep from seeing the names as they are sent.

Added iOS 13 context menus to simplify operation. Touch and hold an exchange name to show a context menu to rename the exchange or share the exchange. When the exchange participant list is showing touch and hold a participant name to send or print a notification for that person.

Please post questions or comments here, or email

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.1.2

Gift Exchange Mobile 1.1.2 is now on the App Store. It has various display and ease-of-use improvements. Now when upon first time use it automatically displays the new exchange prompt. When a new exchange is created it automatically displays the add person prompt. After each person is added it prompts for “Add Another?”. Help tips are improved. Fixed problem that in some cases bottom names in list might not be selectable.

Quick Quiz iOS compatibility

Due to an Xcode bug the latest Quick Quiz Mobile app may crash when attempting to create or edit a quiz on iOS 13.1 or earlier. An update will be released soon to correct this.