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Gift Exchange Lite

Gift Exchange Lite is in the App Store. This is a free version of Gift Exchange that is limited to seven participants, no text messages, gift suggestions or notification templates. Check out the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions. Please add a comment to this post or send an email if you have any questions or problems.



16 thoughts on “Gift Exchange Lite”

  1. Great App! Only suggestion is to make it so you don’t see who got who. I don’t know if there’s a way to send out the emails without seeing them.

    1. Jon, Thank you for your comment. The full version Gift Exchange Mobile can send the notifications without showing e-mails. You provide your e-mail from address and password for your provider. The app acts like a simple mail client to send the messages so you do not see the normal iOS send screen.

    1. Johana, Thank you for the question. Gift Exchange Lite does not have gift suggestions. The full version Gift Exchange Mobile app has gift suggestions.

    1. When you a person or edit a person tap the “group” button. Select the group to put the person in or tap the + button to create a new group. To take someone out of a group select “not grouped”

    1. In your Exchange add the kids and set them as “receive only”. Make sure some of your adults are set as “give and rcv, give to rcv only” or just “gives to rcv only”.

    1. Gift Exchange lite uses the built-in iOS email sending function. The send screen will appear for each notification. You may be able to cover part of the screen as you send each email so that you do not see the message.

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